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An all Volunteer Staffed Organization
Thank you for visiting our new website. Please be patient while we add past events from the last fifteen years.

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The Alcott Arts Center 

The Alcott Arts Center 

We are formally known as the L. M. Alcott Art Center Foundation and we are an all Volunteer organization. For the last sisteen years the LMAACF has offered Theatrical Productions, Art Exhibitions, Art Classes of many different types and several forms of theatrical training. We have provided opportunities for first time directors to direct semi-professional plays, allowing a nurturing environment for associate member groups that use the Alcott facilities for rehearsal space, theatre productions and fundraisers.

The Foundation’s goal is to provide Artistic opportunities. This has proven to be something we do very well. The facility has seen participation of artists from a larger than anticipated geographical area. Turning into a regional Arts environment within the first two years of our sixteen year stint. People really love the old school feel, tall ceilings, wood floors and steam radiators. Some have likened the rehearsal and Art Galleries to New York style studios.

Alcott functions under the “Everything Positive-Nothing Negative” Motto. We have never depended on grants ( but have greatly appreciate the ones that we have received) to sustain our existence and have to look to the positive things in order to persevere to provide programming and events that uplift others.